Friday, June 29, 2012

Ask for Permission or Forgiveness

I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with a Senior Executive from a large software company when he asked me this question, "Are you one to ask for permission or forgiveness. Instinctively I responded, "It is easier to ask for forgiveness". After leaving that meeting on my drive home from Toronto I realized that the response I provided was a conditioned one. As I reflected on the question I started reconstructing why I responded the way I did.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

True Sales Hunters Made Farmers When They Work For The Wrong Type of Organization

I had a discussion with a colleague recently when he made a statement regarding salesperson types, specifically hunters versus farmers. His perception was that you are either one or the other and that hunters are a much rarer breed.

The reality is that certain people may be predisposed to be more effective in a hunter role but that is supported by their core skill set and the learned behaviours they have developed over time. That does not mean that skills cannot be acquired or effectively building repeatable processes and doing the right things will not allow others to be successful within a hunter role.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PCsquared - Paul Carpentier's Private Cloud: Redefining Elasticity

Great article that provides the details without the associated hype. I maybe biase as I am a big fan of their technology and many of my clients use it as well.

It provides a solid platform to store millions of tiny files such as email effectively and securely. Many players in the market make this claim but try retrieving the information as the data store grows and you will understand why I am a big fan.

Link to the article:

PCsquared - Paul Carpentier's Private Cloud: Redefining Elasticity

Monday, June 18, 2012

Office365 Migration Series: Email Migration

Critical Question 2: Legal Hold and/or Data Required from a Compliance Perspective

Data resides in your current system that is on legal hold as well as other data maintained from a compliance perspective. Static or fixed period legal holds will need to be addressed very differently from dynamic ongoing holds that represent historical and future data. While you maintain the data in GroupWise, Office 365, personal archives, tape or all of them. This is something that does need to considered as part of the migration decision.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Office365 Migration Series: Email Migration

Critical Question 1: How Will Your Email Policy be Enforced in Office 365

If you allow personal archives it has been shown in many recent cases that you are in breach of your own policy even if you leave the option to archive up to the users. If instruction is provided to users on how to address older dates, then that weakens your position and a well-versed lawyer will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to have all personal archives and backups easily included as part of a discovery request.

This is only strengthened when you allow data to be maintained in some form of archive in the cloud as the data still resides in the user database. Furthermore, if a cloud provider is subpoenaed they are obliged to provide the data which may weaken your defense based on the organizational philosophy which is “less is safer.”

Sunday, June 10, 2012

U.S. District Judge Takes a Firm Stand in the Patent Arena

I have to first say bravo to U.S. District Judge Richard Posner for his intelligent stand in the patent arena. All the recent information floating around in the media, publications and web based content regarding patents would make it seem that we have a scarcity of innovation. The trivial nature of some of these patents seem more focused on hoarding what success they may have attained or extending the basking period if possible.

The patent related litigations have increased greatly over the years and according to the research available, the number of cases commenced has more that quadrupled between 1980 and 2010. The situation is getting out of control and in my opinion the only people truly benefiting are the patent related legal folks. I maybe generalizing as there is a definite need for copyrights and patents when applied to the right things and for the right reason as intended. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Office365 Migration Series: Email Migration

Part 3: Addressing Personal Archives As Part of the Migration

Market: Experience has shown that most migrations take one of three paths to address personal archives as part of a migration. It is very rare that at the end of a migration that some disposition is not taken to account for legacy data. I have had some great clients who had started with a “no personal archive migration” position but eventually came around due to business unit intervention or certain executives or senior folks within the organization driving the need to have access to this data.