Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Does the Potential Benefits of Social Media Out Way the Potential Risk?

Organizations are spending more and more marketing dollars towards building a social media presence online hoping to leverage this tidal wave of connections and its potential to gain greater visibility with existing clients and new prospects among other things. On the surface this may seem a viable, low barrier to entry, and cost effective strategy to pursue but can be a dangerous approach if not carefully planned with an understanding of the security challenges.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Office365 Migration Series: Email Migration

Part 2: No Address Book(s), Calendar(s), Tasks and Notes Will Be Migrated from GroupWise to Office 365

Market: I have not seen the approach of not migrating address books or calendars in the marketplace or in our experience with an organization that has migrated in the hundreds of thousand seats to Exchange. This is not to say that this approach has not been used, but it is not considered a best practice or a common strategy. The migration of tasks and notes really depends, but generally the varying adoption and low importance assigned to this data doesn’t make it critical factor during most engagements.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can GroupWise Make A Comeback?

Osman Baig, Novell Certified Salesperson
For the last few years, Novell in the opinion of many of its clients seemed to be on the way out. Their lack of third party application integration, a poor showing in the mobility space, and the absence in the cloud arena did not support the long time GroupWise loyalist when defending internally against the on slot of competitors such as Microsoft and Google.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Office365 Migration Series: Email Migration

Part 1: No Email Data Will Be Migrated from GroupWise to Office365

The intent of this post is to provide additional points of consideration and to surface alternative views on decision factors to provoke open discussions as it pertains to the migration strategy being considered as part of or in consideration of a potential migration to Office365.

This being said, no option is right or wrong but each choice has a varying degree of risk and accompanying consequences. The choices made by companies vary based on the organization’s risk tolerance and historical experience with oversight and governance requirements, litigation frequency and the overall experience with the ediscovery process.