Monday, October 15, 2012

Is the Choice Really Right For You!

When making choices or setting goals one need to make sure they are considering all factors and consequences. Some common mistakes many people make or factors they fail to consider but should are the following:

False Self-Perseption:

The perception of oneself that is not validated can lead to choices that are misaligned with reality. Looking, dressing, and acting like Gordon Gekko doesn't make you him so don't make choices based on this false perception. Understand who you are, make choices and set goals in alignment with what is possible or realistic and success will follow.

Lack Passion:

When you are passionate about a goal or direction in life the results and quality of output speaks for its-selves. When building a development plan you need to soul search a bit to make sure you are in alignment with your core self. Many people are consciously or subconsciously influence by factors that are the "right choices" to make rather than right for them.

Take Consequences of Choices into Account:

Make sure you understand the cost of the choices and goals you select before moving forward. A close friend was making great money as a sales executive and was very happy with the balance between his professional and personal life but felt moving into management would be his next goal. He made it to management but did not take into account the cost of the choice he made in advance. The longer hours, increased pressure/stress, and a role he really didn't enjoy getting out of bed for was the cost. This is not true at every organization but was with the firm that he worked at. The loss of personal/family time that resulted from the choice was not worth the assumed progression.

Know who you are, what you want, and the cost of the choices you make. Thoughts to ponder!

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