Friday, August 3, 2012

Leaders Read Books but Reading Books Does Not Make A Leader

Personal development, growth, and gaining knowledge are very fundamental components of a leaders self improvement initiative of which reading or listing to relevant content is a dominant task but that is not what made him/her a leader. Knowledge is an essential part of leadership but influence, experience, ability, sharing a vision, and building relationships are all part of the leadership puzzle and not just a piece.

Titles don't make leaders people make leaders. Someone with influence without the position is still a leader but a man with the title without the rest is just filling a role. Leaders don't worry about their title because that is not who defines them but rather it is their actions. I am not saying that people cannot learn to become leaders but they need to unlearn these perceptions of what a leaders is such as definition by title.

Managers are essential but are execution and task focused but not always leaders. In actuality most managers make poor leaders without the proper development.

You can identify who the leaders are by seeing who's opinion and direction matters to others, who people turn to when time are difficult, and by who is attracting the other leaders into his/her inner circle.

Many a times I have seen senior executive of medium sized organizations change the direction of the boat midstream because they read a good book or heard a motivational speak. If this changing of direction happens too often the boat ends up making circles and goes nowhere. Leaders are navigators and guide to a destination. Staying the course and letting strategic direction and planning run its course is part of a leaders job.

If you see this happening I would be fearful of the organizations future.

Understand what makes good leaders, invest the time to gain those skills, learn to listen to others, and build an unshakable character and guard your reputation and the trust others have in you as they are the gems of leaders.

Thoughts to ponder!

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