Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Understand Who You Are Today So You Can Plan For Tomorrow - Part 1

This last weekend I had the opportunity to coach a field sales representative from a large food retailer regarding career development and I am always surprised how similar young sales professionals are. Sales is a challenging professional and you need to plan your future direction and align personal development objectives to match. The reality is that the churn rate is fairly high in sales. Individuals need to constantly be improving and moving forward in their career or they run the risk of becoming obsolete or less effective over time.

Success today is no assurance of success tomorrow. The advice I provided is the same for those who work for me or have requested coaching, plan twice execute once.


1. Before you start the planning process you need to understand who you are and who you aspire to be relative to your roles as an individual; father/mother, husband/wife, brother/sister, son/daughter, professional, etc...

2. Set your relative priority to your roles and be honest with your self. Sales people are predisposed to represent information that they feel is the right or the appropriate answer.

3. Make two lists:

L1. Who you are today and the tasks and activities that take up time in your in both your professional and personal life. Categorize the tasks and activities into your roles they impact

L2. Who you aspire to be or how you want to remembered within each roles within your life

4. Identify the GAPs between where you are today and where you need/want to be.

At this stage some of the things you need to be doing should start to surface but just as importantly things you need to stop doing because they add little or no value to your roles/objectives. This may not apply equally to all but to ensure greater probability of success include your significant other as part of this whole process. My wife is a major force behind our current success and an integral part of the our future success.

Next phase will identify why this was a necessary exercise before you start focusing on your plan and the planning phase itself. This next part will be posted later today or latest by tomorrow morning.

Link to the second part of this post:

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