Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don’t Blame the Company or the People Who Work There Because Your Not Content

I meet a lot of people who are just not happy with their current employer or their job function. My opinion is that you are where you are because you choose to be. The condition is a reflection of the choices you have made or choose not to make. The justifications I often hear are; I needed a job at the time, settled because of circumstance, market conditions, the company or my boss is somehow at fault, etc...These are excuses! Your choice is to live with your current predicament.

The options are simple:

  1. Choose to stay and stop whining: discontentment will eventually impact performance which in the long term will increase your risk of termination. Drifting under the radar can only be an effective tactic for so long
  2. Choose to stay and take action to improve the current situation: if your efforts are fruitful then the improvements should increase your contentment level. If not, alternatives should be considered or the fate of option one could come into play.
  3. Evaluate your alternative options: some recommendations for the next time you decide to evaluate the market for employment options:

  • Know the market you want to be in and don’t broad scope target the job market based on the role you desire
  • Define the type of organization that can meet your short and long career goals
  • Have a short listing of “must have”  criteria against which to filter your suspects
  • Build a list of organization you want and should target
  • Have a list of employment factors that must be present in the role, responsibilities, work environment, compensation and growth options, which if not present, would make you walk away from the opportunity
  • Refine your resume to align with and to reflect your desired career path
  • Go to market

This should help increase your chances of finding the type of employment and at the right organization for you!

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